Payment plan available by request. Must be authorised in advance. 50% deposit required.

Botulinum A

Botulinum toxin (often referred to as ‘Botox®’) is ideal for forehead, frown complex, crow’s feet, jawline (teeth grinding muscle) and hyperhydrosis (underarm sweating). Also advanced areas like bunny lines, lips (pursing), chin, mouth frown (corners of mouth) and neck. As everyone has different needs this treatment is not a set price. This will be discussed with you at your first clinical assessment and prior to treatment.

Treatment price with Nurses $12 per unit
(Minimum $150 spend in one treatment)

Treatment price with Dr Leanne $15 per unit
(Minimum $300 spend in one treatment)

Dermal Fillers

$600 per ml

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dermal fillers, most dental appointments, and COVID-19 vaccine injections all require a 2 week buffer between them.

Most people request 1ml – 2ml of dermal filler, however, for a full face rejuvenation (a maximum of up to 4ml) can be administered in one session.

Treatment costs include a follow up appointment to review results

Dental block is available for lip fillers at a cost of $50, and requires you to come in 15 minutes prior to your appointment.

Deoxycholic Acid

‘No more double chin!’

Submental fat (no more double chin) $500 per DCA treatment
(may need 2 or 3 treatments at least 6 weeks apart)

Jowl fat (below sides of mouth) $150 per DCA treatment

DCA is a prescription medicine and is a generic version of the trade named Belkyra® brand

The Belkyra® brand can be used on request. –  $POA


‘Beneath the skin’ hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment

1 treatment $750, or recommended 2 treatments (paid upfront) $1400

Chemical peel & Acnelan Peel

Chemical peels are $150 for one 30-minute treatment with any of our nurses.

Optional dermaplaning directly before another appointment increases efficiency of chemical peels and is just $100 extra. (Needs to be booked separately).

Specialty Acnelan peels are $200 per 30-minute treatment with any of our nurses, we recommend 3 treatments, 2-4 weeks apart. Results are visible from the first session. Total $600.

Dermapen 4


$300 per treatment with any of our nurses.

Optional pre/post care kit $150 (recommended). Please request in advance.

Initial consult / Dermatology consult

From $150 / 45 mins with Dr Leanne Ashley.

Not sure what you need, and want some direction? … book in for an Initial consult.
If you subsequently book in for a further treatment over $400 then your $150 will be credited to it.

Have a specific skin condition such as acne, rosacea or eczema? … book a Dermatology consult.
If you spend more than $400 on our skincare range, then the consultation fee will be credited towards it.

Note: We do not deal with skin cancer checks or complex dermatological issues.
If you are unsure then please contact us prior to making your appointment.

Skin Booster / Photo Finish

Mesotherapy – Vital Injector (V2)

$450 for single ‘Skin Booster’ treatment with any of our nurses.

$650 for single ‘Photo Finish’ treatment with any of our nurses (anti-wrinkle toxin added).


initial consult with any of our nurses (1 hour).

+ $150 follow up appointment 4 weeks later (30 mins).

+ $150 follow up appointment 12 weeks later (30 mins). (Optional but recommended)

Saxenda medicine pens are $100 each and it is recommended you buy 3 at your initial consult to get you through to your follow up appointment. You can then collect further Saxenda pens from us as and when you need them.

Online Zoom consult option

These consults above can be done via an online Zoom call if you are out of the Wellington region. A repeat script will be emailed to your local pharmacy (ie Bargain Chemist or Chemist Warehouse) for you to collect a pack of 5 pens (which will cost you approx $500).


Medical scripts given during most consults will incur a cost of $50.

No charge for a script during a Dermatology or Saxenda consult.

Depigmentation Programmes

Cosmelan $1850 (includes an extra Melan recovery)

Dermamelan $2000