Payment plan available by request. Must be authorised in advance. 50% deposit required.

Botulinum A

There may be some variation in dosage levels. This will be discussed with you after your clinical assessment and prior to treatment. Minimum spend on any treatment in one consult is $150.

 from $150

Frown complex from $300

Crow’s feet from $225

Jawline (teeth grinding muscle) from $600

Hyperhydrosis (underarm sweating) from $900

Advanced areas:

Bunny lines, lips (pursing), chin, mouth frown (corners of mouth) from $80 per area

Neck from $300

Most people request 1ml or 2ml of dermal filler, session price below…

Dermal Fillers

1ml $700

2ml $1200

However, for a full face rejuvenation a maximum of up to 4ml can be administered in one session.

Dermal Fillers

1ml $700

2ml $1200

3ml $1650

4ml $1950

Treatment costs include a follow up appointment to review results


‘No more double chin!’

2 treatment package (6 weeks apart) $2,500

Additional treatments may be required. $POA


‘Beneath the skin’ hyaluronic acid moisturising treatment

1 treatment $900 or 2 treatments $1600


$100 per treatment 


‘Spider vein treatment’

1 treatment (depending on the number of spider veins requiring injection) $300 for 60 minutes.

May require repeat treatments at $150 per 30 minutes.

Please note: a vein mapping study may need to be performed prior to treatment. This would be an additional cost to the client.

Chemical peel

From $125 – $150 for a single treatment.

Optional dermaplaning during the same appointment is just $75 extra.

Dermapen 4


$300 per treatment

Optional (recommended) $150 extra for pre/post treatment care kit.

Dermatology consult

From $175 / 30mins.

Skin Booster / Photo Finish

Mesotherapy – Vital Injector (V2)

$600 for single ‘Skin Booster’ treatment

Or book and pre-pay $1500 for 3 sessions.

$800 for single ‘Photo Finish’ treatment (anti-wrinkle toxin added)

Or book and pre-pay $1800 for 3 sessions. (1x Photo Finish, 2x Skin Booster)