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Saxenda® – Ashley Aesthetics Consultation in Person

We believe that looking your best goes hand-in-hand with feeling your best. That’s why we have thoughtfully designed our clinic rooms to prioritise your privacy and comfort. Our clinic provides a friendly, welcoming and safe environment, where you can expect top-quality consultations from our professional medical team.

What is the process for starting Saxenda?

If you believe you are a suitable candidate, the first step is to book an appointment HERE. We do require a copy of recent blood tests from you. If you’ve had them done in the past 12 months, that will be sufficient. If not, you’ll need to get them done before your appointment.

Here’s how the treatment programme is run:

  1. There is an initial comprehensive 1-hour consult which is $400, and then the Saxenda pens are $120 each. i.e. 3 pens would be an extra $360.
  2. After 1 month: you book back in for a 30-minute follow-up consult which is $200, to see how you are going, ensure you are on track, and answer any further questions you may have. Plus you can collect your next lot of pens ($120 each).
  3. At the 4-month mark, book back in for a ‘no-charge’ weight check-in. If further pens are required they can be collected then ($120 each).

Alternatively for the Saxenda medicine pens, we can write out a 3-repeat script for you to take to your local pharmacy. Prices will differ between pharmacies but last check for a 5-pack from Bargain Chemist and Chemist Warehouse was $480. This works out at $96 per pen.


If your BMI is over 30, then there’s a high chance you’re eligible. If it’s 27-30 then best to fill out this form and we’ll get back to you. If your BMI is under 27 unfortunately this medicine is not for you.

We have done hundreds of these consults and for the majority of people it does work! And works really well. Often it’s life changing for our client.

It really depends on how much weight you have to lose. So there’s not a magic figure for this. But Consult 1 is $300, Consult 2 is $150. And you may go through around 4 pens a month at $120 per pen. If you were to reach you goal weight in 16 weeks, that would be a total of  $2370. But again, this is only a guide and can be more or less.

If you’re eligible and have recent blood test results, you could be booked in straight away. Click on the Bookings button top right, and see what’s available. Some times we even have spare appointment on the day, so feel free to call or message us to see. 020 4080 2217

We have found Saxenda to be a very safe medicine. As long as it’s prescribed properly.

Like with all medicine there can be side effects for some people. They don’t tend to be too serious. But your practitioner will discuss them with you at the time of consult, and how to manage them.

Easy. Enter your height and weight into a BMI online calculator. Here’s a good one we found CLICK HERE. Remember this medicine is for people with a BMI of 30+, and in some circumstances 27+.

Our clinic is located in Churton Park, Wellington. But for people who live outside of Wellington we offer Saxenda consult via Zoom online video.

No. Unfortunately we have to do all appointments individually. You can book back to back appointments though.

The needles are tiny, and we haven’t had anyone report that the injecting hurts.